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Tandem web only non-refundable

Tandem web only non-refundable - $179

After a brief training session, you will skydive from 13000 feet harnessed to a licensed tandem instructor. Freefalling for approximately 1 minute, you will taste adventure you never thought existed! Your instructor will deploy the parachute at about 5000 feet, and you will then enjoy a 5-6 minute parachute flight over Southern California’s stunning scenery. Landing softly in our grassy drop zone in front of your friends and family, you will be presented with a First Jump Certificate to proudly display! Come jump today at Skydive San Diego!

We specialize in making group skydives, so bring your friends and we will see to it that you all ride the same plane up! Nothing makes a better experience than riding to altitude with a group of your excited friends, and jumping from the same plane!

Basic Photos – $39 Wearing a wrist-mounted digital camera, your instructor captures the excitement of your skydive up close and personal!

Basic Video – $39 Wearing a wrist-mounted digital video camera, your instructor captures the excitement of your skydive up close and personal!

Deluxe Video and Pictures – $109 An outside cameraflier wears a helmet mounted with a digital video camera and a digital still camera, shooting video and pictures of your jump.

Your first tandem skydive includes:

  • Pre-jump instructional class
  • One tandem jump harnessed to a professional Instructor
  • Approximately one minute of freefall from 13,000 feet
  • A scenic 5 to 7 minute parachute flight
  • A First Jump Certificate
  • Skydiving videos are available for an additional charge
  • Subject to the rules and regulations of the USPA and the FAA.  You must be 18 yrs old and weigh less than 230 lbs to skydive.

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